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Furry art commissions made safe.

You’ve found us! We’re here to level up your fursona with a new reference sheet, icon, drawing, or stickers!

Discover more

Furry art commissions made safe.

You’ve found us! We’re here to level up your fursona with a new reference sheet, icon, drawing, or stickers!

Discover more


A wide variety of styles and prices all under one roof.


Unlimited revisions and a full refund guarantee if you’re unhappy.


Top-notch quality, custom made.

Full money-back guarantee. Nope, there aren’t any strings attached, why do people keep asking that?

What are you interested in?

Reference Sheets

Big & Small


Dreams become reality

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Badges too!


React like your true self

Why do furries love us?

This one is easy. We have refined the process and made commissioning your perfect furry art piece super convenient, and because of our wide range of artists, we have something for almost everyone.

  • An expert team of talented artists
  • Fast communication and revisions
  • Don’t wait in a back-order line for 6 months
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Level up your fursona in the safest way possible

Over 950 furries trust us, see what they think:

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction so we will make sure to go the extra mile to be absolutely sure you will LOVE IT!

“Awww HELL yeah!
That looks incredible!
Yall are mother effing geniuses! I can’t express enough how exactly on point he is!
I’m fan girling now!
I just gotta say, love what you have done with this. Could not have imagined it any better.”

Bad Cell
Wolf Drawing

“Thank you so much ^^”

Finned Dutch Angel Dragon Reference Sheet

“That’s perfect thank you so much, I love it!”

Bunny Reference Sheet

“Thank you x3
I’ll come back to you anytime i need a new painting/badge or refsheet”

Dragon Icon

“Looks amazing, thank you! I love it!”

Coyote Reference Sheet

“She is absolutely perfect….I have no words to thank you and the artist enough for this it’s beautiful and I’m really really happy 😭❤️ Thank you sooooooo so much!”

Wolf Drawing

“the kindness made the experience a whole lot better then most 🙂 and the art is some of the best ive seen”

Raccoon Drawing

“I love it!!! Thank you!!!”

Wolf Drawing

“I love it so much! Thank you!”

Shark Girl Drawing

“Very efficient. Speed: Faster than I expected.
Quality: Insanely good. I felt like I was taking a leap of faith with the website but was worth it in the end.”

Ball Python Reference Sheet

Ordering quality art has never been so easy

We continually try to improve our process to make it a better buying experience.



After you’ve sent an inquiry, here we would send examples and discuss your project details.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art



This is where most changes get made and this will repeat until it’s exactly like you want it to be.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art



You would receive the final version and now can make any revisions if necessary and you’re done.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art

We welcome all species and hybrids, like scalies and avians, not just furry friends.

Let’s talk pricing

Because we have such a wide range of furry artists in our team it’s really hard for us to just say how much a project would cost, it depends on the complexity, style, background, poses, etc.

So it’s much easier if we just discuss that after you’ve inquired so we know what you’re looking for.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art

Let’s create something extraordinary


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