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Frequently asked questions:

Right, the most important question for some. We have over 12 artists (probably more when you’re reading this) on our team it would be the most complex spreadsheet of pricing you would’ve seen in your life. That’s why we don’t list prices anywhere because it would be incredibly complex, just inquire via the button and we will talk on email how we can help you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After you’ve inquired, we would discuss your requirements further so we know what you’re looking for. Then we’d send you an invoice after that’s paid we would send you the first sketch in 2-4 days, once sketch is approved we’d send you the finished version in a few days and that’s done.

Yes! You can get as many revisions as you need for it to be perfect.

Yes! If you’re unhappy with the results we will give you your money back in full – no matter where in the process you are.

So in most cases when we’re not under super heavy demand it’s 2-4 days until we’d send you the first sketch. But sometimes this does increase to 3-5 days, we haven’t yet had a case where this would be longer but we would certainly let you know if there was something wrong.

We mainly operate with PayPal invoices, but we can also send you a custom checkout link.

Absolutely! We accept installments and also upgrades, example, you can only afford 3 poses for your ref sheet at the moment – well we can add more poses and extras later to your reference sheet (we keep all the source files so we can make sure everything fits nicely)

Sometimes we are flooded with messages and unfortunately, some inquiries do fall through the cracks – we’re working every day towards this so this doesn’t happen but if it does, try inquiring again and sorry.

This really depends on the project, most get done (all revisions included) within 2 weeks but obviously if you’re getting 25 stickers it’s gonna take a bit longer.

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