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Furry Reference Sheet

Your fursona deserves the best reference sheet, we can help you.

These will be perfect and you won’t need to upgrade your reference sheet ever!

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Unlimited Revisions

Money-Back Guarantee

Optional Pay in Instalments

Fursuit-Ready Quality

Over 400 reference sheets completed, and we’re ready for yours.

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction so we will make sure to go the extra mile to be absolutely sure you will LOVE IT!

“I love it. Looks great!”

Cougar Reference Sheet

“thats awesome thank you so much!”

Cheetah / Lynx Reference Sheet


Wolf Reference Sheet

I love it!”

Nuclear Fox Reference Sheet

“Omg thank you so much !!!! It’s so nice!”

Snow Leopard Reference Sheet

“I absolutely love it! Thank u so much for doing this ^^”

Nardoragon Reference Sheet

“I love it! Thank you so much!”

Dragon Reference Sheet

“My God that is amazing the wait was worth it! You have outdone yourself thank a million”

Wolf / Cyborg Reference Sheet

“Yeah it’s good 🥰 thank you so much”

Dragon Reference Sheet
Furry Art Commission icon wolf canine profile pic pfp

“OMG THE ARTWORK IS AMAZING!!!! The detail and everything is just perfect. “

Wolf Reference Sheet
Furry Art Commission Reference Sheet Dutchie dutch angel dragon ref sheet

“Thank you so much ^^ “

Dutch Angel Dragon Reference Sheet
Fennec Fox Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“Wow!! Thank you so much for your work. She is so perfect! I couldn’t be more happy! She is so gorgeous! Thank you so much. “

Fennec Fox Reference Sheet
Protogen Ref sheet Furry Refence Sheet

“That looks really good! I’m really happy with the outcome of this! “

Protogen Reference Sheet
Dragon Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“I’m actually speechless! thank you! “

Dragon Reference Sheet
Wolf Refsheet Furry Art commission canine grey wolf

“Thank you soooo much for the completed ref sheet. It looks fantastic. Really hits home for what i was looking for! Thank you again.”

Grey Wolf Reference Sheet
Furry Art Commission Husky Ref Sheet

“Oooh I love it! “

Husky / Golden Retriever Reference Sheet
Rabbit Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“Once again it looks great! Thank you so much! “

Rabbit Reference Sheet

“It’s so great I love him 😍 Thank you so much”

German Shepherd Reference Sheet

“OMG I love it. this is so awesome! I havent had anyone get spot on like this before this is what I am looking for! you did an Amazing job!!!

German Shepherd Reference Sheet

“Love it came out nice!”

Cobra Reference Sheet

“WOW! Love it! Thank you!”

Sergal Reference Sheet

“OMG! It’s Amazing and I love it so much, thank you thank you thank you!!!”

Fox Reference Sheet

“It’s so good! Love the background!”

Bird Reference Sheet

“Awesome, thank you so much! She’s so beautiful!”

Fox / Female Reference Sheet

“It looks awesome, feels so surreal to finally have art work done of him ^^”

Protogen Reference Sheet

“Looks great!”

Eastern Dragon Reference Sheet
Fox Reference sheet Furry Art Commission

“I love it, thank you so much! I appreciate this so much and I’m glad to finally have a ref sheet for him!”

Fox Reference Sheet
Reference Sheet Wiger Furry Art Commission

“Wow you’ve outdone yourself once again! Aaaaaaaah it’s so perfect X3 “

Wiger Reference Sheet
Bengal Tiger Refsheet Furry Art Commission

“It’s perfect, exactly what I wanted Jasmine. And I’m so sorry I’ve been such a complete pain in the ass! But you guys have done everything so well and you’ve worked with a complete novice (me) and created what has only ever hovered in my head and made it a reality! I’m so grateful. “

Bengal Tiger Reference Sheet
Black Bear Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“Omg I love it! “

Black Bear Reference Sheet
Cat & Dog Hybrid Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“Wow they look awesome!! You guys have done an amazing job!!! Thank you for working with me I am very pleased with how they turned out!! Thanks again for your help bringing Hazard to life you were awesome to work with and I hope to work with you again on future project’s. “

Cat / Dog Reference Sheet
Red Panda Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“OMG… He’s so cute and fluffy. He looks amazing I love the colors and the layout and just everything. Thank you so much for bringing my character to life. I’m so happy. Thank you again. I’m so happy that I was able to have you do this.”

Red Panda Reference Sheet
Wolf Reference Sheet Furry Art Commission

“OMG this is perfect !!!!!!!!! thxxx !!!!!! I love it !! the nsfw so sexy hihi thx again! “

Wolf Reference Sheet

Commission a furry reference sheet in the safest and easiest way possible

Ordering quality art has never been so easy

We continually try to improve our process to make it a better buying experience.



After you’ve sent an inquiry, here we would send examples and discuss your project details.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art



This is where most changes get made and this will repeat until it’s exactly like you want it to be.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art



You would receive the final version and now can make any revisions if necessary and you’re done.

Furry Art Commissions - My Furry Art

Let’s create your dream refsheet


Customer Guide
Archie is online